Educational methods practiced by prophet in dealing with marital issues at prophet home

Ramy S. Abbas


The purpose of this study is to provide an educational scientific rooting for marital conflicts concept and to identify the most important educational methods practiced by Prophet Muhammad when dealing with these conflicts at his home.

The researcher used the descriptive approaches. The main results of the study were as follows:

Verifying the educational concept of the marital conflicts, dividing the educational methods practiced by the Prophet in dealing with marital conflicts at his home into three main subtypes, which are Prophet educational method focusing on intellectual awareness; Prophet educational method focusing on emotional control; Prophet educational method focusing on action. Under each of these, there are subsections consisting the whole concept. The researcher recommends on providing all students with university courses and training programs at Shari courts for those about to get married that may cover all aspects of family life from Islamic education perspective; the most important dealing with marital conflicts.


Educational methods, Marital Conflicts, Prophesy Home.

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