The hadiths those had the dispute between al-imam abu zuraa and al-imam abu hathim in criticize

Mohamed basheer M. Musthafa


Al-imam abu zuraa and al-imam abu hathim are masters of the science of ills, and they have diligence and special opinions in judging hadiths, and that is why there was a difference between them in judging some hadiths.

This research deals with these hadiths on which they differed in judging,

And this research concluded several results, the most important of which are: that their approach in applying the presumptions of weighting and reasoning is one and agrees with the approach of the modernists. The science of hadith, knowledgeable of the science of ills, and meticulous in asking about it.


Alhadiths- Illah- Ihthalaf- Abu zuraa- Abu hathim

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