Angels represent human beings in the Qur’an and Sunnah

Wael M. AL-Zard


Allah has created the angels from light and made them among the highest and purest of creation, and assigned them to perform his worship and carry out his commands. Hence, their creation is excellent, their wings are many, and their tasks are great, they do not disobey Allah what He commands them and do what they are commanded, and among these honorable angels are those who have a direct relationship with creation; Among them are the bearers of the throne, and among them are the dispensers of wind and clouds, and among them are the revealers of books from the sky, and among them are those who hold souls, and among them are the preservers of people and the abrogator of their deeds, and among them are the confirmers of the believers and the terrifying ones for the unbelievers. Allah has decreed that people should not see angels in the way they were created for things Allah knows. This study aims at showing that angels are represented as human beings, and they can be seen by humans at that time. The study discussed the world of angels, Narratives of angels appearing like human beings with the prophets, and Narratives of angels represented like human beings for non-prophets. The most important findings showed that the angels are an independent world with their moral and spiritual qualities, that they are entrusted with the implementation of the orders of Allah Almighty, and that it has been proven that angels are human beings in the Qur’an and Sunnah, and they were seen by the prophets and others. Finally, the results proved that it is not possible to see the angels in their luminous reality in this life.


Angels, Humans

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