Buddhism and its view of man in the light of the Islamic faith

Muhammed M. AbuJami, Khaled H. Hamdan


Buddhism  is the mainly religion in the orient. Which millions of people believed it. During the cognitive and technological revolution some Buddhism beliefs have been republished as Health, Sport, Culture and  History subject. It's nessccery to carefully consider about this religion and how it look to human being which its supporters have claimed to achieve the peace and spiritual purity.

This study came with an introduction, two chapters, and a conclusion: where the first topic was entitled The emergence of Buddhism and it included two demands. the founder of Buddhism and the most prominent teachings of Buddhism, and the second  was entitled “Human as depicted by Buddhism”.  And it included five demands: the human in the sacred books of Buddhism, the stages of human creation and the role that the human being was created for, the human rights, and the fate of the human being after death.

I explained­ that All of these corresponds which match with the mind, science, and history as much as I can. Finally, the study concluded with the most important results and recommendations.


Human, Buddhism, Buddha, Islam, Creation.

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