The significance of words on hidden meanings and their impact on enriching Quranic meanings, applied and rooting study(The story of Mousa with Al-Khidr - peace be upon them)

Muhammad R. Abu Zarqa, Abdul Karim H. Al-Dahshan


This study discussed an important side of Semantics which is the significance of words on hidden meanings and their impact on enriching Quranic meanings. The two researchers employed an inductive and descriptive approach. The study encompassed both rooting and implementing. Because the science of semantics has a tight link with the science of origins, interpretation, and rhetoric in terms of clarity and concealment, the realization of concealed meanings can only be accomplished by a combination of rooting and implementing.

The research approach required an introduction and two requirements for this research. The preamble focuses on defining the semantics of the words, linguistically and idiomatically, stating their importance, and shedding light on the hidden meanings and their usage that were identified during the research on the connotations of the studied Quranic verses.

When we completed the original part, we turned on to the applied section, and the researchers selected the verses of Mousa with Al-Khidr - peace be upon them - as an applied model that clearly and defines the subject of the study.

The applied study's methodology is focused on reading the pertinent interpretations, emphasizing any hidden meanings, extrapolating these connotations from them, and adding whatever insights Allah has given the researchers. Even at its most intense, the investigation was always followed by a conclusion that contained the most astounding findings, followed by the most important sources and references that the researcher used.


significance - words - meanings – hidde.

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