The Idea of the Perfect Human According to Ibn Arabi Through his book “The Meccan Conquests”: A Presentation and Criticis

Naglaa H. Elshaer, Muhammad M. Al-Jedi


The idea of the perfect human is one of the false Sufi beliefs, which was stated in the Book ‘The Meccan Conquests’ by the Andalusian Sufi Muhi Al-Din Ibn Arabi. In this research, the two researchers pointed out the content of this idea involving an absolute, creator-like idealism that can only be found in a deity, and they presented the multiple synonyms of the term ‘the perfect human’ that indicate its origin and its ancient philosophical roots. The researchers also clarified the characteristics that Ibn Arabi singled out for the idea of ‘the perfect being’ and clarified that the idea requires proving infallibility and absolute sovereignty, because the perfect human, according to Ibn Arabi, is created in the divine image and he is the successor of God and the representative of His oneness. The researchers proved that this idea contradicts the Sharia in all its details and provided evidence from a number of scholars, such as Ibn Taymiyyah, Al-Shawkani, and Al-Alusi, and that this idea denies some verses of the Noble Qur’an and slanders Allah’s revelation to His prophets. Also, advocating this idea leads to the dismissal of all Sharia obligations and the loss of sound judgement regarding the creation of man; in addition, it is a philosophical idea that comes from pagan religions that do not know a God or a Creator.

The two researchers concluded that Ibn Arabi was the first to give the idea of (the Perfect Man) this name, showed interest in it, and renewed its content, as he did not leave for those after him any space for further research or innovation. The idea of (the Perfect Human) is closely related to Ibn Arabi’s other beliefs, such as the doctrine of the Muhammadan truth, and the doctrine of unity of existence, and that Ibn Arabi’s evidence that he relies on to prove his beliefs are weak evidence, rather it is evidence that has no origin and as such it is not strong to infer from it. The two researchers found that Ibn Arabi’s highest purpose for advocating the idea of the perfect human is to affirm the status and supremacy of the Sufi method and for the Sufis to be the masters of the universe.


Ibn Arabi, The Perfect Human, the Truth of Facts, Meccan Conquests.

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