Potential problems in Surah Al-Qiyamah among Some Interpreters

Bushra M. Al-Aqtash


The research addresses the potential problems in Quranic sciences, Quranic context, the oddities and parsing of Surah Al-Qiyamah. The research attempts to answer: what potential problem exists among interpreters of Surah Al-Qiyamah?


To study the potential problems belonging to Quranic sciences (Topic 1); to study the problems belonging to the context and verses of Surah (Topic 2); and to study the problems belonging to the oddities, parsing and rhetorics of Surah (Topic 3). 

The researcher has used the inductive and inferential analysis.


Attributing the elusiveness in the verse “Some faces, that day, will be radiant, looking at their Lord” to the verse “Eyes do not perceive [Allah]” is a belief and interpretation problem. The problem was addressed through the shortness of sight to see God Almighty in this world, and that looking at God Almighty will be on the Day of Resurrection.


Potential, Problems, Discussion.

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