The Approach of the Noble Qur’an in achieving peace and tranquility in souls and its impact on the individual and societ

Youssef I. Al-Sayahin, Ahmed I. Ababneh


This research aims to clarify the meanings of tranquility and the differences between them by looking at the dictionaries of the language and through the Qur’anic verses that talked about these two terms and their interpretation from the books of interpretation, and then explaining the approach of the Holy Qur’an in broadcasting and spreading peace in the souls and hearts Finally, a statement of the impact of achieving peace and tranquility on the individual and society The research concluded that the meanings of tranquility and tranquility for the commentators did not depart from the meanings of the linguists, and all the meanings revolve around (stillness, dignity, stability, pot, calm, stability, non-disturbance, calmness, calmness of mind and increased certainty).The research also concluded that reassurance is more general and comprehensive than tranquility, as tranquility is calm for the heart and is not disturbed when facing events, and reassurance is security and comfort for the heart, in addition to the general and specific between them.

The research concluded that the Holy Qur’an has many methods and methods in it so that peace of mind is established in hearts and souls because of its effective and important impact on the life of the individual and societies. His knowledge and appreciation for everything, the enactment of legislation that guarantees a person’s peace and reassurance, such as marriage, for example, instructions on how to deal with calamities

The research also concluded that when peace and tranquility settle in the soul, it has an effective impact on the individual and society and moves from one condition to a better one.



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