Sufi poetry its types and the ruling of Islam in it

Khaled D. Trater, Bassam A. Al-Amoush


Poetry had and still has a great place and great importance in the Arabic language, so the Sufis did not fail to use poetry to record their beliefs and their conditions in Sufism, and they had a great legacy and wide spread across times and countries, and people still transmit their poems for its sweetness and eloquence and the ability of many poets in this field.By adopting the critical method, and others, this research dealt with the study of some models of Sufi poetry.

The research came to clarify some doctrinal observations in Sufi poetry, by explaining the types of Sufi poetry, and the rule of Islam in it. The results of the research showed that some mystic poets had committed creedal violations in their poetry, which was due to a defect in their belief in which they violated what Ahl al-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah are upon.     Among these violations is the innovation of what they called (divine love), in which they contradicted what the Messenger of God, peace be upon him, was upon and what he taught his companions. Including: exaggeration about the Prophet, peace be upon him, until they removed him from his human rank, although he is the best of human beings; However, he, peace be upon him, forbade exaggeration in it.

   And it includes: the exaggeration in the Sufi sheikhs, to the extent that they made some of them act in the universe and the celestial bodies, and described them with attributes that are only worthy of God Almighty.


Islamic creed, Sufism, Sufi poetry

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