The prophethood of women

wafa A shaleh


The issue of whether or not some women were prophets, the scholars differed about it, due to lack explicit text that proves or denies it, but Allah almighty said: "Allah has full power over everything" (Surat Yousef: 109), so it is denied that one of the women was a messenger, not a prophet, therefore, the opinions of scholars differed on this issue, so the majority argued that the women were of the view that not one of the women’s prophethoods, and a few scholars went to prove the prophethood of some women, such as Mary, may God be pleased with her, in my research, I mentioned the different opinions of scholars on this issue, and I compared them, and the opinion of the majority in my opinion is more likely to be true. Allah is the most knowing.


Prophet, Female Prophet, Perfection, Advantage, Inspiration

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