Christians in the Quranic Discourse, Analytical Study in Surat Al-Maida from verses 72 to 77

Aya F. Abdelaziz, Mohamed A. Abdel-Aty


This research studies the Qur’anic description of the Christian belief in Jesus, peace be upon him. Moreover, it is clarifying the Qur’anic stance towards this creed, proving its invalidity through inference. The paper studies the analytical interpretation of verses (72-77) of Surat Al-Ma’idah, which dealt with the issue of God in the Christianity creed, and the Qur’anic division of their sects. In addition, it concerned with understanding the Qur’anic approach to dominating these distorted beliefs and calling for the pure monotheism by emphasizing the reality of the Messiah and highlighting his own recognition of the lordship of God Almighty. Moreover, it extracts the versus guidance and provisions.

This study used the historical methodology to study the Christian sects and their beliefs at the time of Quran revelation, and the analytical method to analyze the versusو and the deductive approach to highlight the verses rhetorical secrets. The investigation and analysis prove that the versus have set a dividing line between faith and unbelief, and the Qur’anic approach is scientific and deductive and the versus rhetoric have a prominent impact in clarifying facts and refuting suspicions. The research recommended following the Qur’anic approach and controversy in the Islamic dialogue for Christians.


Al-Mai’da, Analytical interpretation, Christian creed, Quranic approach, Jesus.

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