Teachers’ Perceptions of Distance Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Saudi Arabia –Riyadh Educational Area

Rashed Amer Aldossary


The Internet is one of the most prominent discoveries in the world today. The move of most businesses and establishment to the online platform has been witnessed increasingly. Education is not left out of this development and the government of Saudi Arabia has been reported in several studies to have dedicated to providing the citizens with the best educational option. Studies have also shown that Saudi Arabia has embraced majorly the on-ground method of education given that most students are not intrigued by the idea of online education even though they find it preferable. Several studies have however been carried out on the perception of students of distance education. This 2020 study brings to light the perception of teachers in schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by obtaining a group data. The study showed that teachers positively perceive the method of education but do not have enough resources and training to properly handle teaching through the method. The government is thereby pleaded with to help improve the accessibility of students and training of staff in necessary basics concerning the method of education.

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COVID-19 Pandemic, Distance Education, Teachers’ Perception, E-Learning, Online Education.

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