Enhancing English Majoring Student’s Speaking Skill’s Teaching Performance through an Experiential Learning-Based Programme

Iman Mahmoud Ba'lousha, Mohammed Abd-Elfattah Asqoul, Jaber Ibrahim Abu-shawish


The current paper explored Experiential Learning standards, methodologies and techniques via designing a training programme and investigated its effect on IUG English majoring students in enhancing teaching performance cognition and in improving teaching speaking skill. The researchers followed the quasi-experimental approach with a one sample design of a pre-posttest. The Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test for two linked samples was used to test the differences in the means in the cognitive test before and after the application of the proposed programme based on EL. The researchers used an observation card for assessing female students' practices in teaching speaking skill according to ECRIF framework. They compared the sum of responses, means, std. deviation and the percentage weight and rank of each field to a criterion value. The results showed that there were statistically significant differences between the pre and post applications of the cognitive test in favor of the posttest. It was found that IUG English majoring students' performance of teaching speaking skill was above (80%).The paper concluded with the confirmation of the effectiveness of the proposed programme based on EL in enhancing the teaching performance cognition as well as improving the practices of teaching speaking skill for IUG English majoring students.

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Experiential Learning – Teaching performance – Speaking skill.

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