CLIL& Drama: A strategy to Develop Students' Speaking Skills.

Alaa A Aladini, Awad S. Keshta, MohammadMosheer A Amer


This study aimed at investigating the effect of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and drama on developing 9th graders' English speaking skills. Among the speaking skills, the focus of this study is on describing sequence of events based on visual input; expressing personal feelings, emotions and the like; responding to direct questions, instructions, suggestions, offers, visual input and the like and responding to referential, inferential and factual questions. A pre-post achievement test was conducted on a sample of (68) ninth graders who were randomly chosen from Al- Mamounia preparatory UNRWA school in Gaza Strip to represent the study community. Using a checklist to identify the most important speaking skills, the sample was divided into two equal groups (experimental and control). The findings revealed that the program based on CLIL and Drama was effective to improve the 9th graders' speaking skills. Accordingly, the researchers recommend the Palestinian EFL teachers to dramatize the CLIL as a tool of enhancing students' speaking skills.

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Suggested Program, CLIL, Drama, strategy, EFL, Speaking skills.

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