The Impact of Developing a Translation Course in Accordance with The European Masters Translation to enhance Graduate Translation Competence at The Islamic University of Gaza

Mahmoud O. Jalambo, Mohammed Mosheer Amer, Abd Al-Moti R. Al-Agha


The demand for translation has become greater than ever in the Twenty-first Century which necessitates investigating and ultimately refining the quality of translation programmes. The research problem responds to a presupposed gap between what is taught in the translation program at the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) and what is really needed for the job market. The present research aimed at developing a specialized translation course in light of the European Masters Translation (EMT) standards, and measuring its effect on upgrading the translation competence among the MA female students at IUG. Following the one-group pre and post-application quasi-experimental design, the researchers used a translation competence tool for the data collection. The results show that there is sufficient evidence to prove the presence of statistically significant differences between the means of the MA translation students’ scores in the pre- and post-test in favor of the post-test as it got a high average of (80.35). The results also reveal the large effect size of the designed course, as (87%) of the resulting change in the students’ translation competence is attributed to the intervention of the current research. The researchers recommended redesigning all the other MA courses in light of EMT.

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Developing a Translation Course EMT Standards, the MA Students’ at IUG, and Translation Competence

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