The Most and the Least Enhanced Speaking Skill ( Fluency, Accuracy of Grammar, and Accuracy of Vocabulary) by a Web 2.0 -Enhanced Project-Based Learning Instructional Program of the Jordanian EFL Female Eleventh Grade Students

`Anwar Solaiman Migdadi


The present study attempts to find out the most and the least speaking skill (Viz. Fluency, accuracy of grammar, and accuracy of vocabulary) that was enhanced by a web 2.0-enhanced project-based learning instructional program. The study followed the experimental design pre-post test. The participants of the study were (21) female Jordanian eleventh grade students who studied English language as foreign language (EFL). They were purposefully selected from a school in Jordan. The instructional program was designed based on the use of project-based learning procedures that were enhanced by the use of web 2.0 tools specifically a weebly website, a Facebook messaging group, some YouTube videos, Wikipedia, some blogs and related websites. Students were asked to create and develop websites on the Internet using weebly. Through the website development process, the students worked in groups to discuss topics and also to present the web pages of the websites orally after developing them as the final products of the project. After that, the students were tested using the speaking post-test to find out the development for each speaking skill. After the appropriate statistical analysis, it was found that the three speaking skills were developed, and the most speaking skill enhanced by the instructional program was vocabulary followed by fluency, and the least enhanced skill was grammar.

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Spaeking Skills, Projecect-based learning, Web 2.0, Instructional Program

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