The Effect of Using Authentic Assessment on Eighth Grade Student’s Motivation in English Language Course in Amman

Mo’en salman Alnasraween, Rami Ibrahim Shogran, Ala Ahmed Haraheshi, Mai saleh Qattash


This study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of using authentic assessment on eighth grade students’ motivation in English language course. The study sample consisted of four group, total of (200) students of the eighth grade for the second semester of academic year (2018-2019) they were divided randomly to control and experimental group. To implement this study, the researchers prepared a training program to train the teachers on the authentic assessment tools, also two tools for authentic assessment (Checklist and Rubric) were developed, also to measure the motivation, the Lipper scale was used which. The results showed statistically significant differences in favor of the experimental group in motivation due to the use of authentic assessment tools, Moreover, the results showed statistically significant differences in motivation for males in the experimental group.

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Authentic Assessment, Motivation, English Language Course.

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