Factors Affecting Reading Comprehension Skill of Secondary School Students at Marka Directorate of Education in Jordan from the Perspective of Teachers



Reading comprehension is one of the four skills of language. This research paper aims to investigate factors that influence the skill of reading comprehension of secondary school students at Abdel Malik Ibn Marwan, Marka, Amman, Jordan. The sample comprised (77) teachers (35) male and (42) female teachers which forms about (8%) of the total number of the study population. The findings revealed that the factor that was highly influential and led to students’ weakness in reading pertains to the students themselves with a mean of (4.24) and a standard deviation of (0.32). The domain of teachers rated second with a mean of (3.60) and (0.06) deviation. The domain of the textbooks rated third with a mean (3.50) and (1.08) deviation. The findings also revealed that there were no differences with statistical significance at the level of(0.05 ≥ α ) which might be attributed to the following variables: gender, qualification and teachers’ experience. There were also no differences attributed to the interaction between the variables of students’ weakness pertaining to the skill of reading comprehension.

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Reading comprehension. Domain. Textbook. Gender. Qualification.

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