The Effect of a Play-Based Program on Improving Word Analysis Skills in English Language among UNRWA EFL Jordanian Fifth Basic Grade Students

Osama Fayez Al-salahat, Dina Abd Alhameed, Raed Mahmoud Khdair


The current study aimed to investigate the effect of using a play-based instructional program on improving students' skills in word analysis in English language. The participants of the study were (60) fifth-grade male students who studied English as a foreign language at UNRWA schools in Amman, Jordan. A pre-post test was utilized to collect the data. The results of the study showed that there were statistically significant differences at (≤0.05) in the students' mean scores on the word analysis post-test attributed to the use of play-based instructional program. Utilizing play-based learning to enhance students' level in word analysis skills was recommended.

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educational games, play-based learning, word analysis, UNRWA EFL students.

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