The Reality of Applying Governance at the University of Jordan: An Academician’s Perspective

Msallam Fuad Abu Qattam, Mamon Salim Al Zboun, Saif AL Deen Lotfi AL Ghammaz


The aim of the current study is to identify the area of applying governance at the University of Jordan based on academicians’ perspectives and to reveal the statistically significant differences according to the variables of the categorizing study, namely: (gender, educational level, years of experiences and type of faculty). To achieve these objectives, a 37-item questionnaire distributed on four domains, namely: (Accountability, transparency, Participation in university decision-making and organizational efficiency) has been applied on a randomly selected sample of (184) male and female academicians from the University of Jordan. The results of the study showed that the reality of applying of governance at the University of Jordan based on perspectives of members of the study sample was generally medium. The results also showed that there were no statistically significant differences in the means of estimates of the sample of the study sample in the degree of applying of governance at the University of Jordan due to the study’s categorizing variables in all fields except for the field of type of faculty. At last, the results showed that there are differences between the scientific and humanities faculties in the field of organizational efficiency and in favor of humanities faculties.

Keywords: Governance, Academicians, Jordan University

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