Development of an Operational Framework for Teacher Training Programs in Education in Emergencies Context

Cleopetra Y. Abu-Thalam, Monim A. Alsaaideh


The main purpose of this qualitative study is to develop an Operational Framework for Teacher Training Programs in Education in Emergencies “EiE" Context. Utilizing related Literature Review and Previous Studies, the Researchers developed an initial Operational Framework that consists of the following five components: Pedagogical & Educational Preparation, Psychosocial Support, Soft Skills, Blended Learning and Program Evaluation, and these components are further decomposed into sub-components, then the Framework was validated through conducting open interviews with representatives from the three main stakeholders: Ministry of Education, International & local NGO's working in Education and Teachers teaching refugees. For this Framework to be implemented successfully within its political, social and economic contexts, it must be enabled by three Strategic Pillars: Stakeholders Coordination & Cooperation, Teacher Remuneration & Incentives and Certification. The Researchers recommend having a Multidimensional Approach to Teacher Training to support and empower Teachers with knowledge and key skills for life & work in EiE context. In addition, there is a serious need to increase teachers' access to professional development opportunities through comprehensive training programs that lead to Certification. The Researchers also recommend having a clear & documented Coordination & Cooperation Mechanism that is shared among all stakeholders involved in teacher training.

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Education in Emergencies, Teacher Training Programs

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