Prevailing Educational Philosophy and Its Relationship to Job Satisfaction of English Language Teachers in Public Schools in Jordan

Khaled I. Al Regeb


This study aimed at investigating the prevailing educational philosophy and its relationship to job satisfaction of English language teachers in public schools in Jordan. The sample of the study consisted of (200) English Language teachers chosen randomly from schools in the Amman III Directorate of Education. In order to answer the questions of the study, two questionnaires were developed. One was used to measure the prevailing educational philosophy and the other was used to measure the level of job satisfaction of English language teachers. Validity and reliability of the two questionnaires have been ensured. In order to analyze the data, the researcher used means, standard deviations and Pearson Correlation Coefficient. The findings of the study revealed that: 1) The prevailing philosophy among English Language teachers was existentialism, 2) The level of job satisfaction among English Language teachers in Amman, the capital of Jordan was moderate, and 3) There is a statistically significant relationship between all the educational philosophies and job satisfaction among English language teachers in Amman. In the light of these findings, the researcher recommended mainly to work on the adoption of a clear educational philosophy for English language teachers emanating from our teachings and culture. The researcher also recommended that the decision makers have to support teachers throughout incentives that sustain positively the teachers` behaviors and their performance at schools. The researcher in his recommendations also pointed out to conduct studies to analyze the contents of the curricula in Jordan in general and English language curricula, in particular to explore the nature of the educational philosophy reflected in these curricula.

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philosophy, educational philosophy, job satisfaction

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