Effect of Blended Learning on EFL Eight Grade EFL Students' Writing Performance in Amman

Mervat I. Allala, Dina A. Al-Jamal


This study examined the Effect of Blended Learning on EFL Eight Grade EFL Students' Grammar and Writing Performance in Amman. The participants in the present study consisted of male and female students in the eighth grade at AlResalah private school in. The number of the participants was 97 students who were allocated randomly into four groups: A, B, D and E. In the first and second group (i.e. A & B), students learned writing by the means of blended learning instructional program where the conventional method combined technology. In contrast, the other groups (D & E) were taught according to the guidelines suggested by the Teacher's Book. The findings showed that There are significant statistical differences in the writing performance of eight grade students at the level (α = 0.05) in favor of blended learning groups. The key points of the findings confirmed the need of applying blended learning in Jordanian school and this requires conducting training programs for teachers in order to educate them about the relevant theories.

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Blended Learning; EFL students; Writing performance; Jordan.

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