Higher Education Students’ Perceptions towards Online Class Notifications via Mobile Devices

Ghada Abdulaziz Alsaif


This study investigates the effects of using online notifications in higher education courses. University students received weekly notifications advising them on: upcoming instruction, recommended readings, study groups, and due dates for assignments in Education and Design courses in the University of Kansas in The United States of America. The students received the notifications on their preferred media by using mobile devices, cell phones or tablets in their homes or university. The study sought to understand how students value class notifications. The study used both quantitative and qualitative techniques in collecting and analyzing data. Students in Education (N=32) and Design (N=37) courses participated in a 16-week intervention followed by an online survey. Carefully timed and designed messages were distributed throughout the semester. A 77 items survey was sent to 69 applicants. The mean values of the 6 class notifications items (M=4) was significantly above the 3 Likert scale midpoint (p<.000). The results showed a significant positive correlation between the value of class notifications and usage skills (r=0.351, p=0.017). Notifications assist learners significantly in meeting class expectations and supports learners in completing tasks in a timely fashion. This study shows that class notifications are beneficial when when the learners are skilled in using the notifications.

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Notifications, learning notifications, e-learning, m-learning, and mobile applications

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