The Effectiveness of Using Metacognitive Strategy in Eighth Graders’ Vocabulary Learning and its Retention

Sawsan K. Mezied, Wafaa i. Qishta


The study sought to investigate the effectiveness of metacognitive strategy on vocabulary learning among eighth graders and its retention. To achieve the aim of the study, the two researchers chose the experimental approach with two groups. The experimental group(41) learners, studied through the metacognitive strategy for vocabulary learning while the control group (40) received usual teaching practice for vocabulary. An achievement (pre,post and delayed) test was applied to get data. The data was analyzed and demonstrated a positive effect of the metacognitive strategy instructions on learner's learning of vocabulary in the experimental group and its retention. The two researchers attributed these differences to the use of the metacognitive strategy in vocabulary learning. In the light of these findings, the study recommended the necessity of implementing the metacognitive strategy in teaching English language to make better outcomes in students' vocabulary learning and retention in English as a foreign language.

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metacognition, metacognitive strategy, effectiveness, vocabulary

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