The Spiritual Leadership of the Principals of Al- Ramtha District Schools and its Relationship to the Teachers' Mental Health During the Corona Pandemic from the Teachers' Viewpoint

Ghadeer Salih Khataybeh, Asmaa Suleman Al_Abed Rhman, Najwa Abdel Hamid Darawsha


The current study aimed to identify the degree to which the principals of the Ramtha district schools in Jordan practice spiritual leadership, and its relationship to the level of teachers’ mental health during the Corona pandemic from the teachers’ point of view.The study sample consisted of (410) male and female teachers, the questionnaire was used as a tool for the study.
Where the results showed that the practice of the principals of the Ramtha district schools for spiritual leadership and mental health came to a high degree. Years of experience variable, and the results related to mental health showed that there were differences attributed to each of the variables of gender, educational qualification, and years of experience,teachers, and The researchers recommended intensifying training courses to educate managers about the concept of spiritual leadership, and the importance of applying it in administrative practices, by making it a behavior.

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Spiritual leadership, mental health, school principals in Al- Ramtha district, Corona pandemic.

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