Evaluating the Employee Value Proposition in Academic Institutions in Gaza Strip

Hafez A. Alloush


The current study aims to identify the employee value proposition (EVP) attributes that the administrative and academic administrative staff in Gaza academic institutions would perceive as the value they gain through employment. It also determines the different importance levels of EVP attributes and evaluating the degree of availability of these attributes to measure the gap between perceived and existing values according to employees’ perspective. Finally, it suggests the key factors that could improve the EVP efficiency for the administrative and academic Administrative staff in Gaza academic institutions. The data was analyzed based on a survey and was drawn from three of the major universities in Gaza, Islamic University (IUG), Al-Aqsa University and University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS). Overall, the findings confirm that there is a gap in all of the questionnaire items, the level of all fields availability is lower than its importance according to respondents’ estimation, the top five items with the greatest gap were in the following order (meritocracy, growth rate, recognition, compensation, and organizational stability).

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Employee Value Proposition

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