Risk Management for Sustainable Development within the Radiation Departments at Governmental Hospitals in the Gaza Strip

Ahmed S. Al-hana, Yasser S. Al-Ajerami, Nizam M. El-Ashgar


This study was conducted on all radiation technologists and radiologists at the six main governmental hospitals in Gaza Strip, Palestine. Besides, four key informant interviews with radiation departments heads and managers were conducted. A pilot study was carried out before the implementation of the questionnaires. Thirty copies of the questionnaire were distributed appropriately to the respondents from the target group and the results of the pilot study were combined with the overall results of the respondents. Findings revealed that 63.5% of Radiation Technologists and Radiologists having Thermoluminescence Dosimeters, and only 38.7% notified of reading it. The results of the study in the field of "risk management" revealed the absence of risk management within the radiation departments of the six main hospitals in the Gaza Strip. Concerning the field of "sustainable development", participants fully agreed on the importance of sustainable development within the radiation departments.

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Governmental Hospitals, Gaza , Radiography, Sustainable Development, Risk Management.

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