ERP business process attributes and management control to create competitive advantage

Izzeideen Ata Alomari, Amizawati Mohd


The current study extends existing research on enterprise resource planning systems by exploring the effects of enterprise system on Management Control (MC) and firm competitive advantage. Specifically, the study investigates the role of business process attributes in assessing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems toward competitive advantage mediated by forms of control. The data was analyzed based on a survey and was drawn from114 Malaysia manufacturing companies. Overall, the findings confirm that forms of control act as dominant variables mediating the positive effect between ERP systems and firm competitive advantage. Moreover, the results show a significant effect of ERP on forms of control and competitive advantage after the proper assessment of ERP systems using business process attributes. Contrary to previous limited research on ERP and MC, our results provide significant empirical evidence on the role of ERP systems and MC on improving the firm competitive advantage. The results also show that the use of ERP systems results in a sustained competitive advantage in the long run and that more forms of control help firms achieve future firm goals.

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Enterprise Resource Planning System; Forms of control; Technocratic control; Socio-ideological control; Competitive advantage.

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