Examining the Relationship between Internal Service Quality and Customer Service Quality in Academic Institutions in Gaza Strip

Khalid A. Dahleez


This research focuses on studying the link between internal service quality (ISQ) and customer service quality (SQ) and the effects of demographics (gender, age, education, affiliation, and position) on that link. Extant research shows that the relationship between ISQ and SQ is complex, mixed, and not straightforward and few empirical research efforts have focused on testing this relationship. Data were collected from a sample of 543 employees working in six Academic Palestinian organizations in Gaza Strip (three universities and three university colleges). The results supported the availability of direct and positive relationships between three dimensions of ISQ (tangibles, assurance, and responsiveness) and SQ. The relationships between the other two dimensions (reliability and empathy) of ISQ and SQ were not supported. The findings also showed that there is a difference between respondents regarding ISQ and SQ due to age, affiliation, and position while there is no difference due to gender. They also show that there is a difference between respondents regarding ISQ and its dimensions due to education. This study suggested the importance of studying more variables that may mediate or moderate the relationship between ISQ and SQ. Keyword: Internal Service Quality, Customer Service Quality.

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