A Suggested Proposal for Restructuring Security Training in the State of Palestine

Ibrahim M. Habib


The security establishment constitutes the defensive shield of the state, provided that it is built on sound scientific and national foundations. This can only come through a number of factors, the most important of which are neutrality of the establishment and comprehensive security training. This is the problem of Palestinian security services which suffer from weakness of neutrality and security training due to political, administrative and professional reasons. Therefore, the study's problem lies in searching for appropriate mechanisms to overcome this weakness. The study was confined to the training institutions belonging to the Palestinian security services and to reviewing the reality of security training and looking at previous studies and experiences, and then submitting the suggested proposal. The study relied mainly on the descriptive analytical method, while also depending on the abstract method as a secondary one. In order to bring the suggested proposal into fruition,. The study recommended the need to form committees of experts in both the academic and the professional security fields, to restructure the training institutions, and to put in place other types of training as part of the requirements for promotion to the next rank.

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Training, Security, Services, Palestine, Courses.

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