Why Nurses Leave their Work from Governmental Hospitals to Primary Health Care Centers in Gaza Governorates

Ahmad M. Mesmeh, Wasim A. Al-HAbil, Abdalkarim S. Radwan, Yousef I. Aljeesh


The study aimed to understand the factors motivating nurses to move from government-run hospitals to primary health care (PHC) centers in the Gaza Governorates. A descriptive analytical method approach was used in all 13 hospitals administered by the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip. A total of 105 questionnaires were distributed, representing the entire study population. The results of the study showed that the main causes of nurses’ intention to leave government hospitals for PHCs in the Gaza Strip are the long work shifts, followed by the complex amount and nature of the work, and the fact that a democratic style is applied in hospitals. A statistically significant relationship exists between the work environments within certain departments. This study recommended the following, in order to reduce the rate of nurses’ transitions from government hospitals to PHCs: a review and activation of job descriptions; the provision of nurse managers/supervisors with training programs on the art of management; improving the work environment, in terms of buildings and infrastructure; and improving security and patient care.

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