The Effect of Some Organizational Factors on the Knowledge Management Implementation at the Municipality of Gaza

Wasim A. Al-HAbil, Yaser A. El-Shorafa, Basema R. Salem Deeb


The study aims to study knowledge management as an effective tool for the development of administrative and service performance at the Municipality of Gaza, and to investigate the factor (infrastructure, intellectual capital, organization culture) that influence knowledge management implementation. The frame work illustrates knowledge process (acquisition, sharing and implementation) and the factors that influence the success of this process.
The research has utilized a combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies. A questionnaire has been developed and tested by a pilot study and then distributed personally to a sample consisting of 240 employees and have 94% response rate. The study finds that 67.26% of the Municipality of Gaza staff agreed that there is a statistical significant effect of Knowledge Management implementation on development of administrative and service performance, this reveals that Knowledge Management is an effective tool and strongly affect performance. The study recommends initiating a new core center as an infrastructure for knowledge creation and sharing with an experienced team who has not only management skills but a broad knowledge of the Municipality of Gaza strategy, rules, services and practices.

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