Structural Chromosome Abnormality in Recurrent Pregnancy Loss in Gaza Strip: First Experience

Fadel A Sharif


Objective This study was conducted in order to evaluate the type and frequency of structural chromosome abnormality in phenotypically normal couples suffering from recurrent pregnancy loss. Subjects and Methods: Cytogenetic analysis was carried out for 50 Palestinian couples (100 cases), residing in Gaza Strip, who presented with repeated abortions at the Genetics Diagnosis Laboratory of the Islamic University in Gaza, Palestine. Results: It was found that 5 (10.0%) couples showed a chromosomal abnormality in one of the partners. Two reciprocal translocations, one inversion, one deletion, and one derivative chromosome were identified. The reciprocal translocations and the inversion constitute novel structural abnormalities that have not reported before. The deletion case also was not recorded before in recurrent abortion. Additionally, nine (18.0%) chromosome variants were encountered in the study population. Conclusion: These results confirm the notion that chromosomal abnormality is an important cause of recurrent abortion, and chromosomal analysis should be seriously considered by physicians working in Gaza strip as an etiological factor in couples suffering from recurrent abortions. Key Words: Recurrent pregnancy loss, Cytogenetic, Chromosomal abnormality


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