Using GIS in Sustainable Urban Design in Developing Countries (Gaza Strip, Palestine as a Case study)

Alaeddinne El Jamassi, Farid S Al-Qeeq, Mohammed A El Farra


Gaza Strip -Palestine is one of most needy regions to apply sustainability concepts and sustainable planning, owing to its critical narrow area of nearly 365 KM2. In addition, overpopulation and the increasing depletion of limited natural resources are of major concerns. Moreover, the conventional urban planning has failed to solve the ecological and economic problems, and even sometimes aggravates them. This research aims to analyze one of the urban projects in Gaza Strip (Sheikh Zayed City), study their appropriateness and application of sustainability concepts by using the technology of Geographical Information Systems (GIS). In addition to recognize the most important criteria, fundamentals and standard indicators required for accomplishing the sustainable urban planning status of the Gaza Strip. Keywords: GIS, Urban Design Strategies, Sustainability, Gaza Strip


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