Evaluation of Indoor Radon-222 Concentration Levels in Rafah in Southern Part of Gaza strip, Palestine

Eyad Balawna, Samir Suliman Yassin


Passive diffusion Radon dosimeters containing CR-39 solid state nuclear track detectors of good quality were used to measure Radon and its daughter's concentrations throughout Rafah city. Our sampling strategy was to distribute the dosimeters in houses in Rafah city (Tal El Sultan, Balad(Rafah camp) and El Genena) at  different  geographic  parts  of  the  region. These dosimeters were randomly distributed in bedroom, living room and kitchen. The (150) detectors were left for about three months during the period from June to August of 2016. The collected detectors were chemically etched by using NaOH of (6M) concentration at temperature 700C, then the average number of tracks/mm² detected at all the regions was 73.8 Bq/m3 (1.99 pCi/l).


CR-39 detectors; 222Rn concentration levels; Dosimeter, Exposure


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