Temperature sensitivity enhancement of nonlinear optical channel waveguide sensors using thermal-stress effect

Hala J El-Khozondar, R. J El-Khozondar


Temperature sensitivity plays an important role in developing optoelectronic devices such as optical waveguide sensors. Thermal-stress effect can be used to control temperature sensitivity. The solution to estimate the stress induced effective index change in a slab waveguide is extended to estimate the temperature sensitivity of channel waveguide by use of effective index method. The present study demonstrates two different configurations. Temperature sensitivities for the proposed configurations are compared together and with the temperature sensitivity of the linear channel waveguide. The results exhibit that stress can control the thermal sensitivity of the channel waveguide sensors. It is also found that the higher the value of the nonlinear term in the nonlinear-linear-nonlinear structure, the higher is the temperature sensitivity at all values of combination of different thermal-stress gradients. Moreover, the temperature sensitivity has the highest value for the nonlinear-linear-linear structure for all values of combination of different thermal-stress gradients. Keywords: Optical waveguide, thermal-stress, sensor, temperature sensitivity, channel waveguide


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